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Laundry and light Cleaning

Are you tired of doing Laundry ?
Are you tired of Washing , Drying , Packing away ?
Are you spending your weekend cleaning and doing the Laundry ?
Stop !
Let us help you.

We CAN make your life easier and free your weekends.
Yes we can!

The In-Home Laundry Package is a separate service we offer weekly or fortnightly .Ongoing clients can choose to have this special service on top of their Maintenance General House Cleaning

The primary purpose of our “Laundry & Light Cleaning” service is to do your laundry.

Our secondary focus with time between loads as we wait on the washer or dryer, is to “touch up and pick up” your home.

Your feedback on priorities will be utilized to tailor the service to your preferences. An initial complimentary 15 minute “Laundry Consult” is provided so you can show us how everything is organised and what you want us to do in the allocated light cleaning time.